Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rearing cows helps build moral values?

The RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat  recently said rearing cows in every house helps inculcate moral values in people. At at a function to inaugurate the country's first cattle sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh, Bhagwat said that Indians lacket values and also stated, "Cow is our mother. Service to cow is service to mankind, which in turn helps build morals."

True, the cow is indeed a sacred animal to many in the country. Many states including Karnataka have enforced a ban on cow slaughter. Now the Karnataka Government is even trying to extend the ban to bring all cattle under its purview. Well, being a beef-eater, I oppose the extension of the ban. Isn't a ban on cow slaughter sufficient? Why extend it to all cattle? Respecting the sentiments of people is a very good practice, but this should apply to everyone, shouldn't it?

Coming back to the speech made by the RSS chief. In saying that Indians lack values he is spot on. We do lack civic sense. We spit on the streets, dump garbage, urinate and defecate... the list is endless. Women are scared to move in the cities and towns of the country, simply because some men do not respect their space and privacy. We casually violate traffic rules thinking it's easy to get away from the police by just paying a bribe. And after all this, we only go on to blame the government and the authorities. We don't realise that a change within ourselves will end all these problems.

Changes should occur from one's self. Simple tings like keeping localities clean and not damaging public property; being a gentleman to women and respecting her privacy and rights are enough. If one does not violate any traffic rule, where is the need to pay a bribe? We do not need  any grand measures if we just follow a few healthy social practices. Do we really need to rear a cow to learn such values? Most houses in India cannot even afford to do that. Personally, I would love to have a small farm of my own with many domestic animals and birds; but at the moment, sadly, I cannot afford to. 

I feel rearing cattle is not a requirement for moral values. Values must be thought by humans, they need to be thought by elders to the young and be cherished and upheld. India has a strong system of values already existing, but they are being slowly neglected and at this rate will soon be forgotten. True, a cow renders yeoman service to humans and so does every other domestic animal. But for moral values we need not go as far as taking a cow as the example. A simple change -  respecting ourselves and others around us will solve most of our civic problems. 

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