Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Campaigns

I wish to put forward my opinions about a few issues which I feel are important for the development of our country.

  • I am all for freedom. I believe free speech and expression without any restriction other than libel or slander must exist in a democracy. The Indian Penal Code (IPC) has sections related to Sedition (124A) and Outraging Religious Feelings (295A) apart from various other sections which I feel must be repealed. Any law that curbs free expression including those related to decency and morality (which have no fixed definition whatsoever) is not good in a democracy. To know more about this, click on Free Speech

  • I also believe is separation of religion from the State. India is a 'Secular' country as per our constitution. Which means that every citizen is free to practice and propagate a religion of his choice. It also means that a citizen may choose to be without any religious beliefs and no one can impose any religion on him/her. The State, however, shall have no religion. I believe that the successive Governments of India have failed to live by this principle of secularism. For more, read Separation of State from Religion

  • India has a huge divide between rich and poor. Today when we hear of development in our newspapers and TV channels, it is only focused on the cities. Today, growth means that of the middle class, upper middle class and the rich. We rarely, if never, hear about the various problems faced by India's villages. Poverty, malnutrition, ill-health and drought are taking their toll on the people. Caste systems are rampant and people of lower castes are often subject to bad treatment including rape and murder. Please read Inclusive Growth for more.

Feel free to comment on any issue. I'd love to hear dissenting opinions too. After all, we are a democracy.

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